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Ann_B : In the middle of moving....stopped to walk the dog
Diary entry posted Thu 9:45pm 5 May 2005

and here I am with a broken ankle. Friends have asked teasingly if I was just trying to get out of unpacking, but the reality is I would unpack 10 friends houses if it meant I could walk and drive right now. And if you're reading this, you KNOW what I mean.

I really didn't know much other than I broke both bones and had a plate and pins until I started reading this site. I found the site when i was looking for a sleeping alternative to what I now know is called "darth". I realized I didn't know much about my break, other than I saw the OS at 10 days post op and got the staples out and got "darth". Now I'm going tomorrow to see a local OS. I'm hoping to understand more after tomorrow's appt.

In the meantime I'm 4 weeks post surgery tomorrow, and I'm trying to work from home 20 hours/ week. Co-workers really don't understand what I do in all my "spare time". They certainly don't understand that it takes me an hour to take a shower, or that when I get a ride to the grocery store, I'm exhausted when I get home...and that's using a wheelchair.

I tried to use crutches last Saturday instead of the walker I came home from the hospital with...and I landed on the floor. So the wheelchair is my friend.

The first time I read any of this site, I was very discouraged by posts of "8 weeks NWB", as I was thinking 4 weeks NWB and then walking and driving by 6 weeks. Hahaha ;-) Now I think its just good to have friends (you all) who understand and have suggestions for difficulties.

Thanks for the site!

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 Thu 9:45pm 5 May 2005
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