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Comment : Kiap!
Posted by Tom_S on Tue 11:32am 26 July 2005

Hi Ann,

I broke my Tibia 3 months ago in a Tae Kwon Do tournament. I threw a round house and the guy blocked it with his knee. I took second but only because I couldn’t get up.

I was glad to see that someone continued on in their martial arts training. I want to continue but many people have not been supportive.

I have not been training at all. I figured that I should be able to run before I take a chance of a set back. The most I can do is upper body weight training and a few squats. I can walk without crutches but only with a limp and only very slowly. I have tried to do my forms but I really can’t kick yet.

Weren’t you afraid of re-injury when you returned to training? How could you kick anytime before 6 months? If you practiced kicking with a broken leg, wouldn’t you learn improper technique? If I bump my leg, it hurts and training in class would most certainly cause me to bump my leg. Did you ever bump your leg while healing? Did it cause you set backs?

Thanks. You are an inspiration.

Tom 43

4/30/05 - Frx TB non-displaced no surgery long cast
5/27/05 - Short cast
6/17/05 - Walking Darth Vader Boot
7/11/05 - Wearing shoes. Walking some without crutches, bone still hurts though.

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 Tue 11:32am 26 July 2005
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