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Comment : Re: Re: Re: How is the Martial Arts going?
Posted by Ann on Sun 11:38am 24 July 2005

It is a Korean martial art. It's a combination of hard and soft techniques, though grappling doesn't really get introduced till we're more senior.

I never know how to answer comparisons w/ TKD - mostly because I've never trained in your art. We've had students come in that have had prior TKD training and many of the kicks look the same. We target our punches to the solar plexus rather than shoulder height, but there are only so many ways to make a tight fist.

Some TKD schools approach martial arts as a sport and focus on competition, MGD does little in the way of competition focusing on personal development. But most serious martial art students, regardless of what they study, focus on person growth.

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 Sun 11:38am 24 July 2005
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