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Comment : Re: How is the Martial Arts going?
Posted by Ann on Sun 5:34am 17 July 2005

Training is going really well. I'm almost back to where I was pre BL including teaching. With the hardware gone, I can run and jump again. I've been using the healing time (and I still consider myself to be in healing mode) as an opportunity to relearn all my curriculum - beginners mind. I don't know about you, but I developed some bad habits along the way - so recovery became a chance to slow down and examine how I was moving.

I have to say I train under a terrific master who made this possible. He could have told me to wait till the dr released me, but he said if I was willing, he was willing. Also contact was almost non-existant until I was fwb so I was far safer than things might sound.

I've just sent in my proposal for my 3rd Dan project and am waiting for approval. My plan is to test next April.

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 Sun 5:34am 17 July 2005
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