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Comment : kuk sool won....
Posted by Lisa_M2 on Sat 2:46pm 19 August 2006

Wow you really have been on a path, you must be so proud of yourself, its nice to have something in your life you strive for isn't it? i joined kuk sool won (national korean martial arts association) when i was 19. i wanted to join the police so thought this would help! However, i have changed my mind about joining the force and i could never leave kuk sool now i have joined. Everyone works so hard together as a team, its like a 2nd family. In order to achieve my 1st degree as a brown belt, i grade with the rest of the school every 6 weeks and i have two national testings which are infront of our grandmaster who is still very much alive and kicking! i have done one grading 4 hours last march with little water breaks, the last one is next march where i will grade for 4-5 hours again infront of our grandmaster!x like every martial art its hard but all worth it! i have never felt so good about anything as i do when i'm training. i enjoy weapon training too, especially sword and staff sparing. i have a wooden sword now, when i recieve my black belt i will get a proper one! can't wait! we don't have to break anything in order to pass gradings, i'm sure they used to though before i joined kuk sool anyway!x have you broken concrete blocks before? don't think i'd ever be able to do that ever!x lots of luv x

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 Sat 2:46pm 19 August 2006
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