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Comment : Re: Hi there!
Posted by Ann on Fri 4:37pm 18 August 2006

Thanks for the kind words. Having read others stories - while I will give myself credit, others have overcome far more than I. That said, I am well and then some. My ankle is 99.9% I no longer think about (or fear) jumping (landing) or pivoting. On the road back, I found I had to slow down and relearn techniques. But what an opportunity - I took it as the freedom of being a white belt again (beginners mind) - no expectations, just taking my time working through the motions, cleaning up technique. I never did like my side-kick and this really help me improve it.
Training continues to go well. I tested for 3rd dan in April of this year. During testing, my one concession to the bl, my age & early osteopenia was taking a pass on breaking 3 concrete blocks in one shot (one for every degree of black). In its place, I got to break 9 boards w/spacers (wood has more 'give' than concrete and is kinder to the heal).
In July I went back to spend a week training with the grand master on how to teach advanced curriculum. I did find that by the third day of 6-7 hours a day that my ankle felt it - especially after aerial techniques. It didn't hurt, but the joint would swell and by the end of the day, it was hard to put on shoes - but by morning it was back to normal so I could start over. The swelling stopped after I returned to my normal routine.
My art stresses the importance of having short term, intermediate and long term goals so... my martial arts goals include testing for the next level of instructor within the next year, 4th dan testing in +/- 5 years, and compete in senior women's forms in 15 (my 70th birthday).

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 Fri 4:37pm 18 August 2006
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