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Ann : A change of plans
Diary entry posted Mon 4:22pm 17 May 2004

My broken leg starts April 16 and reads like a comedy of errors. On the 16th, I was originally scheduled for some minor surgery that would have had me resting on my couch under the influence of percocet. Unfortunately, the doctor cancelled my appointment, thus setting the stage.

Instead of being down and out, I was driving. I was headed down a back country road heading going home. As I reached the top of a hill, I encountered (quite literally) a car from the opposite direction in my lane attempting to make a left hand turn. They started turning without being able to see. I'd like to tell you I thought about what happened next, but I didn't. I pulled the wheel hard right, stood on the brakes, and hit the other vehicle's right front quarter panel. My other choices were left over an embankment into trees, or t-boning the other vehicle. Anyway, the three teens in the other car were, thank God, uninjured. I on the other hand knew immediately something was wrong.

Local fire and rescue came, strapped me down on the board, and took me off to the er. After what seemed like forever I was taken for x-rays - a tib/fib fx with the fib comminuted with at least 3 breaks. They reduced the fx (what a charming phrase) and sent me off for a cat scan which revealed a cracked talus and had the resident suggesting I was going to need surgery. I spent the night (Fri) and left the next day with a referral to an os and the usual instructions.

At my initial appt with the os, the only film to make it from the hospital was of my neck. The doctor's office took some pictures - he comes in saying my leg looks good to him as is. I'm there talking like he should be planning surgery. He mentions a cat scan would be helpful, I'm telling him the hospital took one already - exit the os. He returns a few minutes later after calling the hospital. My good fortune is that the resident that saw me was not only there, but remembered my leg/ankle. Surgery was set up for the following week.

They put a plate in my tibia, and when the bones were repositioned, the fibula went back into place and didn't require any additional hw. Went to my first post-op - not only has my original film not shown up, my post surgical film was also missing (not just mine - everyone's). I still don't know what my leg looks like - at least not under the influence of pain killers. I'm nwb for 8 weeks and doing what I can to focus on healing.

I'm one of the bosses at work, so missing more than a couple weeks isn't going to make it. A dsl line goes only so far. But, being the boss has its perks - like being part time without a lot of complaining. We've rented a wheelchair for the office so things are getting done and some parts of my life are returning to normal. I am totally in awe of people who are truly confined to chairs. I'm only making it because I know it's not forever.

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 Mon 4:22pm 17 May 2004
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