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Comment : Right side leg broke, ankle came off after falling from a step
Posted by Ismail Barkatali Mughal on Thu 10:20am 8 October 2015

On 24th January 2015 as I stepped on the second concrete stair to reach a shop I felt loosing balance and falling backwards. Suddenly, before hitting the ground, I passed out!
When I opened my eyes I saw the head of many people looking down on me and wanted to help. I tried sitting up then I saw my ankle had come off. I was taken to hospital.
The X-Ray showed I had also broken my tibia and fibula, so went through surgery.
Today, I have completed 8 months on recovery. I am able to walk without the support of crutches.
The problem I am now going through; I feel a big lump like soft rubber under my foot, and muscle tightening in the foot! My physiotherapist has completed the sessions required according to her, and advised me to walk a lot, that way the lump should subside. I have been doing that for over 4 months but this lump and muscle tightness is not going away and is very disturbing, sometimes painful!
I am looking for any for any useful suggestion, if anyone can help to advise me what I should do to get rid of the lump. Any useful suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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 Thu 10:20am 8 October 2015
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