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Comment : Welcome Angie!
Posted by Samantha on Mon 11:15pm 17 December 2007

Welcome. Sorry you had to have a break to end up here! It seems there are a LOT of tibial plateau injuries on this site, we are supposedly only 1% of all breaks, but there seems to be an inordinate percentage here, probably because they are long heals and frustrating!

Your accident sounds horrible. It would be so shocking to wake up in a hospital and have lost three days...and to be dealing with all those injuries.

In short, here is my advice:

1) Some people will find your diary and reply to it, but if you have questions, ask them in the discussion, there will be nearly immediate reply.

2) Search the discussion for 'tbial plateau' and pay attention to who posts, and then go look up their diaries, you can find a lot of good info there. Also you can email people once you find them in discussion if you want to go offline. Mine is samanthaz in discussion, but samantha in the diaries.

2) TP's are longer heals. Don't be frustrated, I had a powedered surface too, 30% of it powdered, and they were able to put back one bone chunk. I am one year out and still have issues. But there are others doing well, some making complete recoveries and jogging, even. Check out Mary Geissler, Jana, Susan and Lori R. All doing GREAT. Others are still dealing with issues, but there are many. This injury, especially if you had cartilage damage, can be bad.

Most of the people are told by their OS they will be non-weight bearing for 3-4 months. I got to START weight bearing much earlier, but am still behind in recovery from some of those that were better off at 6 months than I was. Eacn one is different. You have to listen to your OS (orthopedic surgeon) but these peopl here will help you maintain your sanity when you have aches and pains and fears and worries, because there are people here who have lived through it.

It was the best support I had, between this site and my stellar OS, I could not have survived without them.

Hope your husband is also doing OK, that sounds just awful!

Hang in there...Sam

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 Mon 11:15pm 17 December 2007
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