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Angie_G : Tibial Plateau Fracture
Diary entry posted Tue 9:54pm 11 December 2007

Hi everyone,
I came upon this site via the web, and am hopeful that I'll find people who have been through or are going through this ordeal.
My husbnd and I were in a motorcycle accident on August 24, 2007. We were heading up to our friends campground in upstate New York, and were struck from behind by a 20 year old, who wasn't paying attention, while travelling at approximately 65 mph on the Interstate! Well, we were thrown from our Harley, slid awhile on the road, and landed in the median. Thank God we have no recollection of any of this. MY husband and I actually woke up 3 days later. He had a bleed on the brain, fractured scapula, forearm, and lots of road rash, and I, unfortunately, didn't fare too well either. I had a severe injury to my head from my visor on my helmet snapping off, a nasty injury to my left eye, eye socket, left arm, and this horrific tib/fib fracture. They had to wait until I was stabilized before doing surgery, so it wasn't until a week later that I had surgery to repair the tibial plateau fracture. According to my surgeon, I "pulverized" the bone, leaving nothing but white powder behind. Nice, huh? But he did what he could do, and I've got the hardware to prove it. It's now 13 weeks or so since the accident and I'm frustrated because I still can not put any weight on this leg. I'm getting around on crutches in the house, and a wheelchair outside, but it's getting old, fast! So that's my sad tale of woe. I'd love to hear from anyone who can enlighten me as to the healing process of this particluar injury, or anyone who can relate :-)
Thanks for listening


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 Tue 9:54pm 11 December 2007
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