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Angie_C : My Surgery
Diary entry posted Mon 8:10pm 21 November 2005

Tues afternoon Nov. 1st I went to the hospital to prepare for my surgery. Everyone was sooo friendly! Which always makes things so much better. Before i had went in, i had decided on a general anesthetic, but the anesthesiologist talked me out of it, so i went with the spinal... which worked well.
I wasn't completely out for the surgery, but i know i was on another planet, which is always fun! lol I kept asking when he was going to start surgery and he had started a long time ago... so it was cool that i was that numb! now if my leg would stay that numb till it healed, that would be great!! lol one can only wish right???
The surgery went well, and i was done in about 30 mins! was surprised it was so short, but that's a good thing i guess. I ended up with a plate and 6 screws, which i believe are permanent. I wonder if i'll set off the alarms at the airports and stuff??? anyone have that problem??? that would suck...
Anyway... I stayed numb into the evening, but when it wore off.. man did it ever! holy shit did it hurt! the nurse took her time setting up my morphine pump, cause i had been so comfortable to that point. i think if i had stayed ahead of the pain i would have been better. But even once i got it set up ... i pushed that darn button every 20 mins without missing a note. didn't seem to be doing anything for the pain, just making me really nauseous and groggy. My parents stayed with me till around 8pm and my brother and his fiance visited and had supper with me which was cool of them. but once they were all gone, i sure tried to go to sleep as soon as possible!
Something about hospitals... they never let you sleep! always coming in and out and checking your blood pressure, temp and whatever else i needed checked. and THEN i got a neighbor in the middle of the night.. that was odd... trying to sleep and listening to them blabbing, was quite annoying. luckily she didn't stay long. so back to sleep i went...
My doctor came in at 6am to check on me. i was still half asleep, so i have no idea what he said. that sucks... lol
i kept on using my morphine pump, but it made me soo nauseous even still... no supper.. no breakfast, couldn't eat. so out of the blue... a nurse came in to take me to PT for crutch training. i was like WHAT?? now??? i was very sick to my stomach, i looked like shit, and she was just going to get me in the chair and go... i was like .. na uh! i am getting some clothes on! and at least let me brush my hair for cryin out loud... i know those PT guys at that hospital and they are hot! so there was no way i was going down there in my hospital gown! lol Man.. us women go through such bull for the guys don't we??? funny.
So yeah, i get to the PT area, and yeah dude was hot. so it was my turn to practice my crutches. Which i had never used in my life! i was so scared... i did ok, but my good leg started to burn really bad from supporting all my weight, so i told him i had to sit down. So i sat down and he gave me some exercises to learn while i rested. I am not very graceful... maybe that's why i broke my ankle?? lol so i knew crutches were going to be very scary and hard for me. I'm not athletic at all, so i have a hard time getting around on them anyway, so i got me a wheel chair and i've been getting around in that. but the sad part is, i'm very confined to the house. AND it's not even my house, i had to move in with my parents for the time being because my apartment is upstairs, and i know there's no way to get my buns up there! The crutches are out... cannot get that mastered, and there's no elevator, so i'm prety much screwed there. I haven't even seen my place since the night i broke my ankle.
My parents set me up a good spot in their house though. not much privacy with a 10x6 window and a glass door, but it's better than nothing. i have my computer in here and a tv and ps2, so i something to do.

The pain hurts, but it's bearable... usually, thank goodness for pain killers, which have been hard to find. i have a sensitive stomach, so most of them have been making me sick. they put me on Tramadol now, which doesn't make me as sick, but it's not very strong either.
Most of my pain seems to be on the top of my foot near my toes.. not sure why it's there... i have nothing broken there?? it's weird. it's either that , or i can feel the plate poking my skin quite a bit... hopefully my body will hurry up and get used to having that in there, so i dont know it's there! right now it's quite annoying. If i have my leg down for any length of time, like riding in a car (which i don't do but once in a blue moon and that seems to be only when i go to the doctor.) so that's a downfall.
I feel like a prisoner of my leg. it's consumed my whole life, and while i know it's only temporary, it's such a set back, and a burden to myself and my family.
I am sooo lucky to have a family that is so supportive and helpful. I work for my parents so i dont have to worry about getting fired. it's mostly a computer job, so they just bring my work to me. so thank goodness for that!

My friends on the other hand kind of surprised me. I have many friends, and i'm close to many, but i have only seen one of them the whole month i have been down, and she's my cousin. Granted i have to live with my parents, but my best friend of like 20+ years hasn't even stopped to say hello, and only called maybe twice. Maybe i'm just feeling sorry for myself, and i'm overly sensitive, but i thought we were closer than that. oh well... as they say, this too, shall pass.

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 Mon 8:10pm 21 November 2005
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