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Comment : Re: PT in hospital
Posted by Robbyn on Wed 8:17am 23 November 2005


Wasn't that the WORST??? I broke my leg last Feb. falling off a ladder (tib and fib, surgery next day with IM rod and 3 screws). I mean, here you are, stoned from all the drugs, and they want to teach you how to use the crutches with some little pretend stair. I used a walker the first 2 weeks.

I could also relate to your story about not being able to sleep and the PCA pump never really giving you enough meds to stop the pain. I had PCA pumps with my c-secs when the kids were born, and the pain seemed to be controlled better then. Maybe the broken bone/surgery thing is more painful? Who knows.

Glad to hear your parents are taking good care of you, but it's unfortunate about your friends. Isn't life weird? We had friends who brought us dinner every night the first 2 weeks I was home, yet my boss wouldn't even carry a cup of coffee for me one day. People are so unpredictable.

Welcome to the site; I know you've posted on the discussion side a bit. Heal well!


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 Wed 8:17am 23 November 2005
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