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Angie_C : I fell down and broke my crown...
Diary entry posted Sat 10:06pm 19 November 2005

Well ok, so it was my ankle. But anyway, October 25th was the night... I had taken my computer to get fixed at a friends house, on the way out, i was following my friend to my car, hoping he didn't fall and break my computer.... well instead i missed a step coming off the porch and broke my ankle. I didn't feel a thing right away and then the pain kicked in and boy did it ever!! I figured no big deal, twisted my ankle, do it all the time! so i tried to get up... tried tried tried, holy bananas did it hurt! My friend argued with me to go to the hospital, or at least go inside.... i refused. I told him to help me to my car and i had to get out of there now.
So i finally made it to my car, i'm sure puting weight on my foot on the way there probably made the injury worse, but then again, i had no idea it was broken.
Why i was driving i have no idea! I was hysterical, crying and shaking.. very much in shock. I called my mom to talk to me on my cell phone all the way home... 30 miles away. I live in Wisconsin, so 30 miles away, through the hills and valleys takes quite sometime. She told me to stay put, and my dad would come and get me. Noooo i just kept on driving. The angels must have been on my side all the way home, or there's no way i would have made it, the state i was in. Wish they had been there about 30 mins sooner!
My brother and dad were sure that i had been drinking.. how else could i have fallen??? I told them if i had been drinking, i wouldn't have fallen at all!!!
Finally made it home... well to my parents house anyway. Getting into the house was a major chore. They have 2 small steps to get inside, until now, i never realized how huge those steps actually are.

The next morning, i woke up in agony... the pain was much worse. So my dad took me to the hospital for xrays. The xray tech. asked me if i thought i had broke it. i said nahhh it's just a bad sprain i'm sure of it.
A while later, one of the doctors came out and showed me my xrays. She told me i had fractured my left fibula, and broke a tiny piece off the top of my foot/ankle area (no idea what that's called) and about 3 other hairline fractures here and there. She told me i had to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon to see what had to be done.
I was then transferred to another hospital, where i was told that my injury required surgery. My ankle was very swollen, so the surgery had to be put off about a week.... and that's another story!

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 Sat 10:06pm 19 November 2005
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