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Angie_B2 : Oh how I laughed : )
Diary entry posted Tue 3:07pm 17 December 2013

Hahahahahaha I accidentally clicked search and suddenly found myself looking at some of my original posts from 2011. Ok, so I can't find my original diary, hence this new one and the change of name from Angie_B to Angie B2 but boy, it was quite fascinating to go through some of the some of the emotions I experienced back then.
For those that never saw my first diary, let me quickly say that the injury was self induced in that it was a girlie night in, a few glasses of wine, and then a dare to get on a kids trampoline in the garden. First, and last time on one. One jump and that was it, busted fib, tibial plateau fracture, surgery, plate and 6 screws, synthetic bone graft etc etc etc. Still, on a plus side of things, I was slightly drunk so I actually laid on the trampoline laughing my head off as opposed to screaming in agony which came in handy given my mates thought I was mucking around and therefore didn't call an ambulance for an hour LOL
Anyway, just to remind myself for future reference, I found 2 posts from my old diary (altho not the actual diary itself unfortunately) but I thought I'd copy and paste them here to serve as a reminder to myself NEVER to get on a trampoline again and NEVER to get stuck with a bloke that dumps you at your mums when you break your leg with the parting words of 'give me a call when you've fixed' : )

Clunk Click and 5 more ROM
Angie_B 5:30am Aug 2 2011
Had my next bout of physio today - after an hour of massage, exercise, twisting, turning and bending, she measured my ROM and got an unimpressive 2 degrees more out of my knee. Very disappointing.
With my leg hung over the side of the bed and her kneeling on the floor next to it, me looking utterly fed up at my lack of progress, she put her hand out to gently pat me on the knee as a sort of consolation gesture and whap - my knee sort of clunked under her pressure, the sound was so audible even the person in the next bay stuck their head round the curtain to see what it was and you could literally see my leg swing lower - no pain at all, just weird to see. She quickly measured my ROM and that simple tap gave me an extra 5 degrees!?!?!? She reckons it must've been on the absolute verge of moving that fraction more and her inadvertent tap just gave it that extra nudge it needed but I don't care, she can pat my knee all day long if that's the result LOL
She's definitely advised the MUA at the end of the month but I think, despite my initial panic last week, I'm ok with that now - we're going to spend the next few weeks building up my quads so that when my leg can bend, my muscles will be in a strong enough position to be able to semi-control the movement.
Apparently life does go on after a TPF : ) It's just taken me a wee while to get my head around it LOL

Update on today.......
Angie_B 2:48pm Aug 2 2011
Oh well, still on the up I guess - had a GPs meds review appointment this afternoon which in a way was sorta needed. GP has given me some stronger meds (some pretty hefty co-codamols) to try and get me thru physio without too much screaming which I guess is good - I hate taking tablets but if it means I can do more in PT then so be it.
Despite what the OS said, the GPs signed me off work for yet another 6 weeks - I wasn't expecting that one but she gave me a little pep talk on just how bad my injury is and how I need to understand that it's likely to be a full year before I can toddle around as I was before the accident. Ok, so I know it was bad, I've seen the x-rays and I was actually there for the op, my leg is attached to me so I do have an inkling how it feels but sometimes, especially after a good morning of PT, you sorta don't want people reminding you just how crap it all was. My boss is gonna murder (or sack) me when she finds out I'm signed off again - she was expecting me back on 22nd August!??!)
However, the new ex took me to both the physio and the GPs today and we got on better than ever until tonight when it suddenly dawned on me that he dumped me with a BL - what a total berk! despite his efforts today, he bloomin' deserves to be single!
So, MUA or otherwise, back at work or otherwise, bad injury or otherwise, long rehab or otherwise, newly single and newly dumped, I'm still me, I like being me (ok, so maybe I prefer to be the me with 2 fully working legs but that's besides the point right now) and life goes on. Tomorrow's another day so bring it on, I think I'm ready for it : )

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 Tue 3:07pm 17 December 2013
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