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Angel : It all started in September of 1995
Diary entry posted Mon 4:58pm 13 October 2003

One late Sunday night at my parents house, I did an about face to try to catch something falling off of the kitchen table. After I fell and tried to get up I realized something was horribly wrong. My mom and dad did too after they looked at my left leg. What happened in the next few hours was probably the worse pain I have ever endured or thought AT THE TIME. Upon arrival at the hospital,
it was discovered that I had broken my left tibia in 3 places and crushed part of the bone in my left fibula which would require of course surgery. I ended up with 2 plates and 13 screws in my left leg(right above the ankle). After extensive rehab, I was finally able to walk around the end of January.
Four years later I was mopping my floor in
my kitchen. I was alone. I slipped on the floor, fell and discovered I could not put
weight on my left heel. The pain was not that severe so I knew it was not bad but I did know something was wrong. I promptly called my bfriend and he took me to the hospital where they could find nothing on the x-rays. They splinted it and told me to go see and OS the following Monday. I did and
it was discovered I had a hairline fracture
of one of my ankle bones. Luckily this wasn't bad so I was walking in a boot 3 weeks later. Move on to September 29, 2001...I was in my utility room checking clothes in my dryer, when I slipped on the drain hole and fell. I felt something pop in my thigh. The pain was so intense I was afraid to move. I immediately screamed for help and my then roommate and her bfriend came running and offered to help. Not knowing them well I told them to get my Mother and bfriend on the phone. My bfriend promply came over and after
splinting my leg with the help of my roomie's bfriend got me in my car and rushed me to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital and after waiting for 1.5 hours I was finally x-rayed..talk about pain...that had to be the worse I had ever had it was discovered I had a diagonal fracture midway up my thigh of the femur. Upon discovering that my OS immediately ordered a few shots of demoral and
another hip xray. Well the hip xray was not fun so I did my best to let the whole ER know
what kind of pain I was in. I had surgery the next morning and had a steel rod and two screws put in my left thigh. February of 2002 I was finally able to walk.
Skip to June 13th, 2003...I had had a moderately stressful day and decided to have
a few glasses of wine to unwind which is what I normally do on a Friday after a long week.
But I neglected to eat supper so the wine
had twice the effect it should have. I fell asleep on my couch after my 3rd glass...
I got up to go to the bathroom around 2 a.m. and tripped on something lying on my floor.
After discovering I could not get up, I crawled to my cordless phone which luckily was on the floor next to my couch close by
and called 911. After arriving at the ER, I was given a few shots of demorol and x-rayed.
It was discovered I had a spiral fracture
of the left(yes again) tibia and diagonal break of the left fibula. This time the doctor elected to put an external fixator
in my leg due to all the metal I had. One month ago I got it out(wide awake of course and no pain killers) and am now in a boot
and going to PT. I am 80 percent weight bearing and down to one crutch and praying
the doctor graduates me to no crutches this coming Friday which is my next appt.
However if he doesn't, I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best for the next one.

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 Mon 4:58pm 13 October 2003
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