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Andy : The day before my birthday....
Diary entry posted Sun 6:49am 17 February 2002

My 30th birthday, what better way to celebrate than to go skiing for a week with some friends and finish off with a party at the end of the week. (well that was the general idea).

We were in Italy and I had a great time for the fist 5 days, then on the 25th Jan, the last day of my twenties, I pushed it a bit too far and CRACK! My left leg snapped over the top of my ski boot.

I slid down the run for probably another 50 yards or so before I finally stopped with what looked like another knee in my leg. Thankfully the rescue guys got to me within about ten minutes and got me down the mountain to the local trauma clinic. Thats when it got painful.

The doctors in the clinic decided that it would be a great idea to pull my boot off & do some x-rays before giving me any painkillers whatsoever, and then they let go of my foot without pushing me far enough up the bed, so it hung off the end!! After a bit of shouting and screaming they injected me with something, set my leg in a cast and gave me some syringes which I had to inject myself with once a day to stop my blod clotting due to the high altitude or something.

Anyway, that was three weeks ago and it seems as though they did a good job because I've still got their cast on and it has almost stopped hurting.

I've been told that I will be in plaster for 3 months minimum, but when it comes off I am going to have the mother of all birthday parties (albeit a few months late).

Good luck to everyone on this site, hope everyone recovers quickly and safely.


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 Sun 6:49am 17 February 2002
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