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Andrew_S : This story is PAINFUL
Diary entry posted Sun 10:18pm 23 April 2006

I've broken bones before. It hurts. But when I broke my right leg, the pain was unbelievable.

It actually happened 5 months ago, over Thanksgiving (US) weekend. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday, as everyone comes home to see their friends and family.

On Saturday 11/26/2005, I was meeting up with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile at a local bar. I parked my car in my friend's driveway, behind my other friend Mary's (not her real name) car. I had a flat tire the night before, front passenger side. Changing a tire in 10 degree (Fahrenheit) weather isn't that much fun.

So I'm with my friends. We were having a great time, reminiscing about days of yore, checking out other people (who got fat, who got bald, who's engaged to whom, etc). Around last call, we all parted ways. Mary and I left together, as we were parked at the same place. We rang our friend's buzzer. No answer. Time to call it a night, I suppose.

Remembering the previous night's flat tire, I checked to see if it was ok. Now keep in mind Mary's car is parked directly in front of mine, with about 10-15 feet separating them. Cool, my tire wasn't flat. Time to go home.

I'm walking in front of my car, and out of the corner of my eye I see the lights of a car going in reverse. FAST. Mary slammed her car in reverse.

In a split second, my mind thought, "She's not going to hit me.. She's not going to hit me.. FUCK, SHE'S GOING TO HIT ME!!!"

I tried to jump out of the way. My left leg glanced off her car. My right foot was still on the ground. Her car slammed into me.

My leg was pinned between her car and mine. Bumper to bumper. Screaming in agony, I slammed my fist on trunk of her car.

She pulled forward, freeing me. I collapsed in the snow. I tried to stand back up, and immediately fell over again, unable to bear weight on my right leg.

A guy walking by yelled "Oh Sh#*, are you ok?" Mary got out of her car and ran over to me to check on me.

All I remember saying to them was "My leg is broken."

Like the stubborn person that I am, I got in my car, and drove myself to the hospital. I was only about 1/2 of a mile away from the teaching hospital where I worked and studied.

I drove up to the entrance of the ER, fell out of my car and tossed my keys to the security guard. By then, my leg below the knee was swollen to twice its normal size.

I went into shock after that.

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 Sun 10:18pm 23 April 2006
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