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Andrew : Walking progess, 4th day
Diary entry posted Sun 11:10pm 4 April 2004

It has been 4 days since I got cleared for walking. I think I am making ok progress, but not as fast as I would like. My range of motion has gotten much better, I am pretty happy with that part of my recovery. Putting pressure on my leg while my ankle is bent is still very painful though. I still can't put very much pressure on my toes without causing horrible pain to the outside of my foot. I have also found that as the day goes on I get less and less gimpy. In the morning walking is still pretty painful, but by the end of the day, if I take small slow steps my gimpyness is hardly noticeable. I try to keep my ankle in constant motion, just wiggling it around. I have also been trying to put pressure on my toes to try and build the muscles back up in my feet. I feel like my leg muscles are strong enough for walking fine, it's my foot that is giving me the real problems. I have my appointment with the PT on Wednesday, I wish it could be earlier but there isn't much I can do about that. Hopefully I will get some good news and learn a few more things about how to get myself back sooner.

Here is a detailed description of my rehab efforts:

3 protein shakes a day, spacing them as close to 8 hours apart as possible. Each shake has 26g of protein. Body needs protein to build muscle. Normally I try to get at least 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight. Right now I am going a bit above that though since I have a lot of muscle to build up in my leg and foot, as well as the rest of my body since I havenít been able to work out very well since getting hurt.

10 grams of creatine per day. 5 grams in the morning when I wake up, and another 5 about 30 minutes before I go to workout in the evening. The creatine allows muscles to work harder so you can get more out of a workout.

For food I try to eat mostly carbs. Despite the bad rap carbs have been getting recently they are VERY important to athletes. I use calcium fortified soy milk in my cereal each morning, and usually have a glass or two of calcium fortified OJ also at some point during the day. I have heard from all my doctors that getting extra calcium doesn't help any, but it won't hurt and I figure I might as well be on the safe side.

I ride my bike to the gym every other day where I do a typical upper body workout. I also do an ab workout every day. I'm not really sure if any of this helps with my ankle, but I think general excercise helps get your body working and blood flowing. Also my goal is to be able to play rugby by the end of the month, so I need my whole body working, can't just focus on the ankle.

I ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes each day. It's the only way I can really get a decent cardio workout right now. I think the controlled movement of my ankle and light but constant pressure on the front end of my foot is good also. I think I might try out swimming also and see how that works, though I've never really liked swimming very much.

I try to walk as much as possible also. I try to walk as smoothly as possible, trying to move my ankle joint as far as it will go.

Any time I am sitting around I try to put pressure on my foot. I try to push things around with balls of my foot. Sometimes I also stand around and just see how much pressure I can put on the toes of my injured foot.

I also have one of those giant rubber band things, every now and then I sit down and do some things with it. I pull my foot against it, up, down, left, and right.

Well, if what I do works and I get a quick recovery then I hope this information comes in useful to others. If it doesn't work and I end up with a messed up ankle, then don't do what I did!

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 Sun 11:10pm 4 April 2004
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