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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Rugby and fibulas
Posted by Tasha on Sat 7:00pm 6 November 2004

I was sure there were more ruggers on this site, but unfortunately no females.

Unfortunately I have no stories of glory as my injury came during Friday practice. My mate trapped my foot in between her legs during the tackle (Don't ask me how) and I heard my ankle snap. The doc in the ER told me that I just had a sprain and possibly some torn ligament, "report to the physical therapist on monday". On Monday the PT took some X-rays and found a fractured fibula and sent me to the orthopedic surgeon. Wednesday morning I got two pins in my ankle.

I now have on a fiberglass splint and am getting a walking boot Monday 8 NOV. I am supposed to be able to run again in February. It's disappointing b/c I missed the last games of the season and this is my senior year. At least I'll be well enough to play in Ireland during spring break :)

Ruck me, Maul me, LET me scrum!!!


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 Sat 7:00pm 6 November 2004
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