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Comment : Re: Re: Rugby and fibulas
Posted by Von Kliem on Fri 11:45am 22 October 2004

Good to see some Ruggers on-line.

You wrote my story except for the score. We we driving to tie the score and I had just run about 20 meters before dumping the ball out to my support. I took the hit from 3 men. One wrapped my ankles, which dug my cleats into the ground, the other two hit me up high and spun me. The only problem was that my foot stayed planted and was twisted over 180%. I felt the break and then just layed there resigned that my season was over. The result, Fibula...broke in two places, foot...dislocated, ankle...chipped, heal...broke (don't know how that happened but a big piece is completely severed). Of course all of the nerves and connective tissue are trashed as well.

Surgery went well with only 2 screws required. Cast was off after 2 weeks and now I am in a walking boot with orders not to put any pressure on the foot for another 4 weeks. I think the heal will actually cause the most trouble.

My goal, back on the pitch by May for our Regional Championship bid.


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 Fri 11:45am 22 October 2004
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