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Comment : Re: Rugby and fibulas
Posted by Andrew on Wed 10:51pm 19 May 2004

I actually played a season down in New Zealand about 5 years ago for Rangitoto college. This past summer I also played a season in Australia, but I think the rugby was much better in New Zealand. For the record, among the top players on my team, we take rugby as serious as anywhere else I have ever been. We just don't get as many fans to our games :oP

That must be very frustrating to get hurt at the end of a huge blow-out like that. It sounds like your injury is fairly similar to mine except yours is higher up on the bone, which is probably a good thing, less chance it will interfere with the joint (I would guess anyway, I really don't know). It's taken me quite a while to heal, but I know another player who broke his fib the season before and he made it back in 9 weeks, I don't know the specifics of his injury but that is a pretty fast recovery for a broken bone (his dad is an orthopedic surgeon, so that probably helped)

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 Wed 10:51pm 19 May 2004
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