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Andrew : Update
Diary entry posted Sat 1:51pm 8 May 2004

Sorry I slacked off so much. My rugby team lost in the sweet 16 and it was horribly disappointing. I actually more upset about our loss than breaking my leg. In any case, after that I stopped going to the second PT that I had to pay for. Since Iím not in a huge rush to get better now I donít think itís worth the money. Even though the other PT doesnít do much I think it will be fine, just a little slower.

So it is May 8th, about 5 Ĺ weeks post FWB I believe. I started running about a little over a week ago. Just jogging on a squishy track. Cement is too hard. Itís important to have good running shoes for this by the way, it makes a big difference. I started off just jogging 2 laps then I had to quit because it was too sore. The next day I went out and did 3 laps. The day after that I went out and was able to keep going without my ankle continuously getting worse on me. Now itís almost the opposite, my ankle is stiff and sore when I start, but after a few laps it loosens up and I can start going a little faster. After seeing my PT on the 5th though he told me I shouldnít be running every day. I should take a day off in between and just do the elliptical machines to give my ankle a rest. He also has me mixing in some ďsprintsĒ also. I canít actually sprint yet, but what I do is run 3 slow laps and then do the 4th as fast as I can, then repeat. Quick side note, on the track I run on 7.65 laps = 1 mile, a little strange but thatís how it is.

Jumping! Pt has me doing jumping exercises now. After he measured my ROM he found out that I could curl my toe up just as well as my good leg now, but I canít flatten my ankle out nearly as well. He also had me try to stand on my toes and found that I get about an inch higher off the ground on my good foot. So, jumping is supposed to help with this, gets me pushing hard off my toes and stretching the ankle out. I do a couple different jumps.

Wall jump: Hands over my head and just jump strait up and try to land as soft as I can. 5x

Tuck jump: Jump as high as I can and while I am in the air pull my knees up into my chest and then try to land as soft as I can. 5x

Squat jump: Jump as high a I can, and then as I land (soft as I can) I come down into a squat position. Then I jump again as high as I can from the squat position. 5x

Barrier side: Jump side to side over a line kicking my heals up each time I jump. This one gives me the most pain. 5x

Barrier front: Same as side but go forward and backward. 5x

180 jump: Jump and do 180í twist in the air, then jump back in opposite direction. 5x

Bounding: This is very hard to explain, drive your knee strait up in the air so your jumping off one leg, then you come down on the opposite leg. The trick though is you donít move anywhere, have to stay in the same place. 5x

Broad jump: Same as the squat jump but you are jumping forward as far as you can. 5x

Important thing to remember on all of these, donít let your knees start bending in. Lots of times when you get tired that starts to happen so make sure you watch yourself especially near the end.

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 Sat 1:51pm 8 May 2004
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