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Comment : Yowza
Posted by LeClair on Mon 6:55pm 12 May 2014

Hi Andrea,
So sorry to hear about your break and the type that you have......same as me. I fell on December 28th, spent a week in the hospital, and had surgery on January 2. It has been a long, hard road thus far. I am amazed that you did not have to have surgery. The first hospital I went to had an orthopedic surgeon that took one look at the X-rays and said it was too high trauma for him. He sent my X-rays out to other local surgeons in town and in another state. I ended up moving to another hospital in town.....thank goodness!! The new surgeon said it was the worst tibia plateau fracture he had ever seen......and he was excited to do the surgery.....glad someone was happy!
I hope you are getting some relief from the pain. I cannot imagine having the long leg cast. I had a long leg brace, but I could take it off or loosen it for PT.....which I started the day I was released from the hospital.
Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Post any questions, concerns, anxieties, etc on the discussion board. I would not have been able to go thru this if not for the wonderful people on here. I was given great advice and tons of support.......you are going to need it.
Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

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 Mon 6:55pm 12 May 2014
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