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Andrea_H : 24 Hours Later: Tears and Feline Bribery
Diary entry posted Mon 2:11am 12 May 2014

The day after the accident I wake up full of beans, I grab the crutches, go hobbling down two flights of stairs, say "hi" to the mare in the stable next door and start doing some dishes in the kitchen. That is, until TB sees me and yells at me to get back upstairs and lie down. In retaliation I tell him he has to help me shower - I haven't showered since Friday and am feeling pretty grotty.

We find a big black garbage bag and cover up the leg propping it up on a plastic folding ikea chair near the edge of the bath while I perch ignobly with my good leg inside the bath and finally wash my hair with the moveable shower head. It feels so good and I feel so much better afterwards.

The rest of the morning I am perky and happy. Sitting in the living room unable to find anything of interest on TV I get bored and grab the crutches and go back downstairs again to find TB in the stables. Realising he can't keep me away he brings two chairs for me to sit and prop my leg on so I can watch and participate.

Eventually I do start to feel tired and go back upstairs. The rest of the afternoon gets progressively harder for me. I'm so bored and fidgety sitting down. The pain doesn't seem to subside much. And I can't get the cats to sit on me. I once read a report on a study that showed the frequency of vibrations of a cat's purr promoted bone growth. This was one of the theories behind why they purr in the first place. As a self-healing mechanism. Hence my desire to plonk one of the furball purr machines down on my lap now. Unfortunately neither of them are having it.

Perhaps the cast is too hard - I try piling pillows on top. I even carefully tore up a smoked mackerel skin and put it on a plate on my leg to try to "bribe" them onto me. Nope - that didn't work either.

As the evening wears on I get even more frustrated and bored. TV just isn't doing it for me - I try to play a video game on my laptop but then that crashes too. Then I start to feel every uncomfortable thing about being in a cast. My knee is swollen up like a massive grapefruit. My heel is pressing down into the cast as hard as concrete and there is no respite. My only fear is an irrational one: claustrophobia - and I start to feel claustrophobic inside the cast. I want to bend and move my leg, I can feel the panic rising in me and I start to cry. Meanwhile the cats just look at me from the other side of the room. Taunting me with thier magical purrs just outside of my reach. Their sly characters impervious to corruption by mackerel. Oh my, and it's only Day 1!!!

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 Mon 2:11am 12 May 2014
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