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Comment : I'm a teacher too.
Posted by ginger on Thu 7:06pm 23 August 2007

Hi Andrea,
I too broke my tibia hiking down a hill in the woods by a lake. A spiral break of the tibia and also a spiral break of the fibula.It happened on 5/27 with only 7 school days left. I felt just like you did- how could I miss the fun days of school left now that the stressful sol test was over and of course there went all my wonderful plans for the summer.
I was totally clueless about this kind of a break and thought I would be walking around in 6 weeks like most broken bones- but not- 3 full months later and I am finally in physical therapy to get back movement of my ankle and knee. My first day was last Friday and I went Monday and Wed. of this week which also was the start of teacher workdays.
This is actually the first time ever that I am not sad the summer is over- I am so happy to finally get off the couch- I am keeping my leg elevated in a wheel chair and everyone at school has been so helpful and accomodating. I will continue with pt 3x's a week and will have to leave when the kids are waiting for the buses but again my principal and fellow teachers are taking my kids then so I can leave for it.
I am hoping to be walking in a month from now but that maybe a little too optomistic. Please post how your first week goes in the classroom- I teach 5th grade. I know it will be hard but psychologically I think it just might speed up my recovery. Feel free to read my diary and also to email me if you like

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 Thu 7:06pm 23 August 2007
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