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Comment : Ain't it the truth!
Posted by karla perez on Wed 7:54am 30 November 2011


So sorry you have reason to be here but welcome to MBL—you have found the right place! I didn’t suffer through a full leg cast, just one to my knee 2 years ago for a broken foot and then this summer a full arm cast for a scaphoid fracture, which has since been cut down to one below my elbow. But I am still in it 6 months later!

I did not do well with the hot pink either—just too hard to coordinate with any of my wardrobe. I am about your age and I am more than a little vain here.

You will get more (and probably better) answers if you post your questions on the ”Discussion” side. But I will do my best. Definitely keep your cast dry—purchase a cast protector is you haven’t done so already. So much quicker and easier to use and more effective than the garbage bag and saran wrap routine. As for the itching please do not put anything solid or hard down the cast. Even a small scratch on your skin can inflame and infect inside your cast and cause massive problems. Try a hair dryer on cool, blowing down or up your cast—that helped me in my long arm cast. There is a product called Cast Comfort Spray that I ordered on line that cooled and seemed to calm my skin and helped with the odor too. You can spray a little Fabreze on the outside of your cast, but that merely covers the odor. If your cast is really smelly though, you might call and ask your OS about a cast change sooner than he has you scheduled. That may be the best bet.

As for the cast removal itself, it is still a little intimidating for me. But the saw merely vibrates, even if it does look like an evil buzz saw out of an old Saturday morning cartoon. It doesn’t hurt—even the x-rays aren’t nearly as bad as the initial set. I was never comfortable with my foot out of the cast for x-rays and examination—use the bottom half of your old cast for support then until ready for application of the new cast. And you will be shocked at the atrophy of your leg. And the dead, molting skin on your leg that would do a snake proud. But it will come back with dedicated work after your fracture is healed.

Anyway, take care, be patient and get better. Do check in on the discussion page.


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 Wed 7:54am 30 November 2011
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