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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Your break sounds like mine
Posted by Marthajane on Tue 1:36am 10 August 2004

Hi,Andrea, I am remembering recovering from my injury as I write this. The main thing I recall about walking was how tired my leg got after not being used for 5 months. My knee and ankle were stiff, and my foot had that pins and needles feeling like when your foot goes to sleep. I had a terrible limp because my leg was so weak,and I used a walker for two and a half months after the fixator came off. I got one month of PT 3x per week, and could have used more, but Blue Cross said no. Therapy hurt quite a bit due to my muscles being so weak. Eventually I got a cane and used it for a couple of months. My knee still gets stiff after I sit for a while. I found that taking Osteo-Bi-Flex with MSM helps quite a bit with the knee pain. Actually, I still have to work at rehabilitating my injured leg. When I bike almost every day and do yoga 3 times a week, my leg is pretty good. Eventually,I will probably need a knee replacement, but not for many years, I hope. I'm sorry to be discouraging, and my recovery was complicated by the fact that my tibial plateau did not heal as well as it could have. That makes my knee unable to straighten out all the way, so it interferes with the rhthym of my gait. It doesn't sound like you will have this problem, which will make returning to hiking easier. Have you thought about using trekking poles when you start hiking again? They take some of the stress off the knees. I don't walk as fast as I used to, but I feel glad to be able to walk pretty well. When I practice yoga, I can tell that the muscles of my injured leg need more stretching than the other leg does, but I can see progress on that side as I keep practicing. It all just takes a long time. One good thing about this injury is that I exercise more now because it makes such a difference in keeping my knee flexible and my muscles stretched out. I will be following your story with interest, and hope that you will be walking without pain soon!

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 Tue 1:36am 10 August 2004
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