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Amy_H : Day 32 - Airline and Niagara Falls Update (the New York trip)
Diary entry posted Tue 8:09pm 10 July 2007

Well, I am here in New York. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations, Dave_G!

The airline was okay, they somehow lost my request for assistance so I had to fill out a little card when I got there (I flew US Airways but I'd say they are all about the same). I expected to have the little walkway from the gate to the plane but I had to go up the STAIRS to the plane!! I was not expecting that and it was very, very trecherous. That was in Knoxville, when I got to Washington-Dulles they brought out a ramp so I could walk down the ramp while exiting. I actually had a fellow broken-legger on my flight from Washington to Rochester....we both had broken our left fibulas! So it was nice to have some company, we both used a ramp to go on board and then when we arrived in Rochester we finally had a little walkway.

They had to wheel me from the gate to the baggage claim in Rochester, I tipped the guy $5 (I hope that was enough) because he was really nice and it was a long walk. The fellow I'm traveling with was also a big help and he got the luggage and rental car together.

I definitely don't think I would have attemped this trip on my own. If it wasn't for my co-worker I probably would not have gone at all. Air travel is tricky and with the tight connections it just would have been too strenuous.

Oh, security is a beast (well it is anyway but try it with a metal plate in your leg). They basically had to pat me down all around because I couldn't go through the metal dectector (the crutches would have made it go off). But they were just doing their jobs, I expected it so I really can't complain.

As far as my progress - while I was sitting in my training class today I realized that I could flex my calve (sp?) muscle again!! I haven't been able to do that for a month. I sat there all afternoon and flexed and release and flexed and released. There's still quite a bit of swelling and the incision was starting to get infected when I left but I think it is better now.

Oh, we stopped by Niagara Falls on Sunday. It is beautiful!! But also a bit treacherous on crutches. So if anybody out there plans to visit Niagara Falls with their broken leg I HIGHLY recommend doing it with a wheelchair. You won't be able to use the "People Mover" buses because they aren't handicapped accessable but someone can push you along, and that is a lot safer than using crutches with all the wet pavement.

Okay, enough for tonight.

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 Tue 8:09pm 10 July 2007
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