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Posted by Lynn_F on Fri 3:55pm 29 July 2005

THANKS FOR READING MY DIARY AND RESPONDING TO ME. I JUST FINISHED READING YOURS. I AM ABOUT 3-4 WEEKS BEHIND YOU. I AGREE, SMALL GOALS ARE BEST AND THE POSTIVE I CAN DO IT ATTAITUDE. WHEN I FIRST STARTED READING SOME OF THE DIARIES I WOULD GET VERY DEPRESSED. IT SEEMED EVERYONE WAS IN PAIN, TAKING LONGER THAN EXPECTED TO GET BETTER OR MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP. THEN I REALIZED, IT HELPED ME TO PREPARE FOR WHAT WAS COMING. THIS WAY I DID NOT HAVE ANY FALSE EXPECTATIONS. NOW THAT MY CAST IS OFF AND I AM IN AN AIR CAST, NEVER HAD A DARTH, I AM READY TO START PT. MY EVALUATION APPT IS TOMARROW AND I AM READY TO GET STARTED! LIKE YOU, I CAN'T WAIT TO BE ABLE TO GET DOWN THOSE 27 STEPS. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO GO DOWN JUST ONE FOR NOW. JUST SO I KNOW I COULD DO IT. I AM A LITTLE AFRAID OF THE "PAIN" THAT COMES WITH PT, THEN AGAIN IT IS THE NEXT "STEP". The rehab center where Iwill be going also has water therapy, I will be getting that as well. Not sure when that will start. I can't even plan on returning to work until I can get down the steps on my own two feet. The butt method is killing my back, shoulders and next. I have a hx of herniated discs in my neck and lower back as well as nerve damage and torn rotator cuff of my right arm. My entire right side is a mess. I did that 3 years ago from a fall on a wet floor at my daughter's school.
I certainly hope you have a good lawyer. If you feel at the hotel on their property, It is their negligence that you fell o ver something.
I can't blame anyone but myself. It has been really hard on David and Jessica. Jessica is 10 1/2 yrs old. The two of them have been waiting on me hand and foot. BUt you are right, this disability now matter how long it takes to heal puts a real damper on a relationship. David is so tired at the end of the day, we hardly even talk anymore.
Counting on friends and co workers, forget it. They all promise but they are just words. There have only been a couple of true friends that I could count on. It is an eye opener for sure. It makes you put your priorities in order for sure.
Glad you are doing so well. Keep up the good work and remember PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD.

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 Fri 3:55pm 29 July 2005
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