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Amy3 : A Memorial day to remember
Diary entry posted Sun 9:49pm 3 June 2007

It was the first really nice, warm day in a very long time and a day to be outside taking care of little things in the yard.

My girlfriend had already commented earlier that maybe sandals weren't the best choice for outside work footwear. Me, being stubborn brushed off her comment and continued puttering.

I was working on a new yellow-jacket trap for this year (I'm really afraid of yellow-jackets and wasps and hornets and such).
Our backyard has a pretty steep slope and the dew still hadn't burned off of the ground covering yet. I thought I was being careful, making sure I didn't tip the already baited yellow-jacket trap (carrying it like a lantern).

I was almost down to the fence and I felt my right foot slip. In a second, I felt the jerk and heard a loud snap like a dry twig. I'll never forget that sound again.

The pain was immediate and all I could do was moan. I must have looked and sounded pretty pathetic lying on the ground moaning like a bear just after waking from hibernation.

Judging from the snap I heard, I had a very bad feeling it was a break. The pain was terrible and when I moved my left leg a little, I could feel things wobble a bit.

I remember people telling me in the past that you could tell if it was a break or a sprain by the pain. If it hurt really bad, it was probably a sprain. I later learned that this was definitely not true. I sprained the same ankle over a decade before and I don't remember the pain being this bad.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend heard me moaning and came running out of the house. She asked me if I had hurt my arm and I moaned back that I was pretty sure it was my leg judging by the pain and about the loud snap.

She ran down and lifted my leg a little to assess things and stopped when she felt my foot give a little. She then rushed into the house to get some pillows and something to cover me with because I very pale.

We got a hold of a friend of ours who lived a short distance away to help her get me up the hill and to the car.

While we waited for him to show up, I suggested that she move the yellow-jacket trap. I had this vision that we would both be swarmed by yellow-jackets with no way of getting away from them.

I can't get over feeling the adrenaline rush through me and how calm I was through the whole ordeal.

My friend showed up and helped my sweetie get me up the hill and off to the emergency room we went.

After getting to the hospital and waiting and talking to a lot of people and filling out paperwork, we got the xrays (and confirmation of the break), a splint/wrap and sent home with a prescription for pain meds with instructions to call my family doc in the morning.

Our family doc the next day confirmed that I had broken both my fibula (spiral) and the tibia (at the joint). More pain meds and an appointment with an ortho 4 days later, back home we went.

I spent 4 very uncomfortable days on our couch since our bedroom is up a flight of stairs. Darci was very nervous about me hurting myself further so insisted that I sleep downstairs.

I don't think I ever really found a comfortable spot and the percocet never really did numb the pain. Just helped me sleep a little bits at a time.

On Friday, June 1, we went to see the ortho and he confirmed the break and suggested 4 weeks in a cast (NWB) with a hint of 4 additional weeks in a darth vader boot (PWB). He did some double checking with a scope to make sure that I wouldn't need any hardware. So far I look very good in that area.

I have to say that finding this site has helped both of us so very much and I wanted to share my experience as well as to continue to hear about others as I got through all of this.

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 Sun 9:49pm 3 June 2007
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