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Comment : Re: Sorry to hear!
Posted by amy2 on Wed 7:01am 28 February 2007

I am on Family Medical Leave, which normally lasts 12 weeks, but in April of last year I took time off to take care of my husband after his bypass and used 3 weeks. That only left me with 9 weeks. It is a Massachusetts law. Workers Comp will pay for my health insurance for 6 months after my termination. No appeal, unfortunatley all of those who went before me have ruined the extention rules. I am a social worker, I work in a group home for adult with mental illness,it is very physical work, up and down the stairs driving etc. I am considered an administrator and i only spend about 3 hours a day at my desk, other than that I am up in theri apartment or on the road or in treatment meetings or in hospitals advocating for theri treatment. March 7th is the date of my termination and my next doctor appointment is not until March 20th. thank you for the support

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 Wed 7:01am 28 February 2007
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