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Comment : Lawyer YESTERDAY!
Posted by Dave_G on Wed 10:43pm 28 February 2007


My heartfelt sympathy and I'm sending all my healing vibes to you for relief and strength. Now run quickly and get a lawyer on your side. Your company is screwing you over as is the comp carrier. You're entitled to lost wages while disabled, but you'll have to fight for them.

I had a partial thickness rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder about 5 years back and despite being a loyal and dedicated employee, as soon as I became "a worker's comp problem" it was a battle for everything. They even accused me of faking my injuries - until my lawyer got involved. Suddenly, they were nice as tame pussycats, I had great medical care, free prescriptions, back wages, a ride to the Dr. if I needed it - they fell all over themselves to help me.

Businesses today understand one thing very clearly: fear of litigation. Get a lawyer. It won't cost you a dime. The lawyer will take a percentage of what you settle for down the road and nothing until then. It varies from state to state but in my state it was 25% and well worth every dime.

Good luck, kiddo, and feel better soon. Keep us posted!!!

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 Wed 10:43pm 28 February 2007
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