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Comment : horse is unstable/hind leg(s)
Posted by josie ribero on Fri 11:53am 25 August 2006

Our horse is hurt. We have had her "Smokey" for 10 yrs, she is about 22 yrs. old. Seems she is very weak with her hind legs, were she is almost falling over. She did lay down for a while the other day but seems to be up still. We had a vet and a leg specialist out yesterday. We are so worried, hope it is something that will heal, not sure exactly what may of happened, blood test results due today. I noticed she had a huge abcess like on her left hind leg, maybe fell off the ramp and maybe a little swollen, that is the most we can make of this. Just hope this could be cureable, I can't even imagine having to think of the worst. She rec'd antibiotics and a cocktail yesterday and butte(?)immediately upon discovering she was hurt. Please anyone tell me what anyone may of experienced somewhat similiar to ours. She still seems to be shakey two days later! Please help with any advice!!!!

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 Fri 11:53am 25 August 2006
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