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Amy : Week Three - Are we done yet?
Diary entry posted Tue 4:14pm 2 April 2002

Not much to report. I'm getting odd foot and leg cramps now, more in the late afternoon and evening, but more than any pain, I'm heartily tired of the whole situation.
I'm tired of having to think about every movement; I'm tired of working to open, hold open, move through, get out of the way, of every door. I'm tired of trying (usually unsuccessfully) to carry something from one room to the next, or picking up something from the floor, or reaching the top shelf in the kitchen.
In desperation I joined a local gym, and for the first time in my life I'm Excercising. It's only been a week, but I think between crutching around and the use of the Nautilus machines, I'm building a bit of strength in my arms and shoulders, and maybe improving in other ways. It funny how the goal of a vacation will get you motivated.
Still the leg has to be elevated. So at work I have a second chair with a cushion on it, and there rests my leg. My coworkers are building up enormous credit for all the assistance they're giving me, from getting my morning coffee to pulling things off the printer, to holding those horrid self-closing doors open so they don't send me sprawling unexpectedly.
I'm still scared of going down stairs, but I've gotten very handy at going up with two crutches rather than using the hand rail.
I've found a few products have made my life a bit easier. I obtained a Dry Cast, and I'm thrilled with it and the company! I ordered it late on Mar 26, though the website specified that they would be gone until the middle of the first week in April. To my utter amazement the product arrived on Mar 28th, and I'm overjoyed with it! It enables me to bathe and shower without hanging my leg out of the tub, and I hope it will keep my cast dry in the pool tomorrow as I try to get some aerobic activity in. I can't recommend it highly enough!
Early in this situation we bought a wedge shaped pillow to elevate and support my legs. It works so beautifully that we went right back and bought another for the bed so that we didn't have to haul the one around as I moved from room to room. It is comfortable, light enough to set aside when I don't need it, and perfectly shaped to get my leg UP.
The sore, rough patches on my sides where the crutches hit are being treated with a product called No Crack which I got from Restoration Hardware. This stuff is too thick to call a 'cream', and too creamy to call a paste. Its fragrance is mild, not flowery or sweet, and a tiny dab soothes the worst crutch burn!
Many of us must have 'grabbers' to reach for things from our chairs. Mine is particularly nice, I think. It is from Smith and Nephew Rolvan, and its grip is ridged, and it has a very nice little 'finger' that makes it easy to pick up something like a pencil or spoon. On the top it has what appears to be a screw that projects about 1" from the main bar. It's perfect for snagging wires, pulling shoulder bags from a distant chair, or catching clothing on the floor without having to squeeze the trigger for the gripper grabber.
Three weeks down. . .three weeks to go. . .and then the delights of rehab. I hope the bones are knitting, because I am more than ready to be done with this whole mess!

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 Tue 4:14pm 2 April 2002
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