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Amy : This is hysterical! I've lost count of the weeks!
Diary entry posted Fri 9:31pm 5 July 2002

Okay, I've been through three weeks of therapy, so I guess I'm in week 15! The neck is 99% back to normal, and I have reluctantly started weaning myself off the luxury of the handicapped parking tag. If not 'healed', I'm at least well on the way back to normal.

After the second session of therapy I made another unilateral decision that the best therapy for walking is walking. No more boot, no crutches at all. I went to The Walking Store and bought two pairs of adjustable clog-type shoes, and a cane that fits my hand nicely and doesn't feel old-ladyish, and started hobbling 100% of the time. The cane is even a bit much now; I can get around reasonably well on level ground, but I take a bit of a short stride, and favor the left leg just a bit as I push off on that side.

I'm no good on stairs yet. That's what we're really aiming for in therapy.

Whatever horrors I've heard of therapy were utterly untrue for me. I dealt with both the pinched nerve in my neck, and the stiff, unyeilding ankle. My neck was swaddled in heat until I was quite relaxed, then an interesting contraption provided just the right amount of tension to feel quite nice. I learned to tuck my chin, and do pull backs with a big blue rubber band, and tilt my head from side to side. What with that, capsacin cream, flexiril, vicodin, and ibuprofen and acetiminophen (my spelling is horrid, I know), I finally got to a day when I didn't have to use any of them, and my thumb doesn't tingle.

The leg is not quite as quick to do as its told. I stand on the tilted board and lean into it, then push an air filled disc around in all directions. We've done side-to-side and leg presses, rubber band things to help that side relearn to balance, and Wednesday we worked on stepping down off the left foot. Not only doesn't it flex enough to do that smoothly, it seems to have forgotten exactly when to roll forward onto the toes as the other foot goes down. This too will pass. As quickly as things are changing now, I'm sure I'll look at this point in my healing and be amazed at how difficult some things had become.

There is still no hurrying in my life. I can't get downstairs quickly, I can't take stability for granted, auntil recently nd I can't get out of bed in the middle of the night and stay half asleep. Getting from here to there takes attention and care, but there is no pain so to speak, or at least no more than the aches and pains of an arthritic morning, spread to another joint that had not been bothered.

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 Fri 9:31pm 5 July 2002
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