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Amy : Week Twelve - good and bad news
Diary entry posted Thu 3:33pm 13 June 2002

Okay, so here I am, bearing 100% of my weight on the casted leg as often as I dared. What would be the next logical step? For me it was going to one crutch. In my most humble, non-medical opinion, this was my (minor) downfall.

About a week after going to one crutch (no, I didn't ask my OS before attempting this) I got a tremendous pain in my back, between the spine and shoulder blade, that migrated over the next few days to my shoulder and arm. It didn't respond to pain killers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, heat, cold, or rest. I saw the GP last week, and this week the OS for my normal appointment. He had xrays taken of my neck and confirmed that there was a narrowing of the space between two cervical vertebrae, a normal process of aging, combined with a genetic predisposition for this sort of malady, combined very likely with my unusual gait with the crutch(es).

The good news of course is that the leg is mending nicely, and I CAN SLEEP WITHOUT THE BOOT ON! WHOOO HOOOO! I'm also supposed to start walking without the boot. I can't describe how wonderful it makes me feel! Physical therapy (for both neck AND foot) starts next week, twice a week! In the meantime I can venture forth as I dare, without crutches (but in the moonboot) and without the moonboot (but with crutches) and work towards getting around without EITHER!

Now, if only I wasn't in breath-stealing pain, I'd be all set! I never had much pain from the break itself, but this "pinched nerve" (for lack of a better phrase) is da pits.

Next entry: PT!!!!!!!!!

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 Thu 3:33pm 13 June 2002
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