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Amy : Post Purple Monster. . .and partial weight bearing!
Diary entry posted Wed 11:18am 8 May 2002

A week ago I had my 6 week checkup, and everything appears to be going as planned. The purple fiberglass cast came off, and everything I've been warned about was so true! The calf muscle is atrophied, the skin. . .well, it resembles a crocodile who'd been out of the water and in the sun far too long, and the incision was still healing. There is no surface feeling in much of my foot, but I'm confident that that will come back with time.

I was fitted with a lovely black skiboot style splint, and told to keep it on full time, except for bathing. Of course the first time I took it off to bathe my leg looked terribly vulnerable, but that didn't stop me from getting into the tub and using a loofah on the acres of peeling dead skin! To my distress, I found it difficult to touch my leg below the incisions, or above the ball of my foot. It's taken most of the past week to get over that distaste. Now most of the skin looks almost normal, and I moisturize and rub it daily.

There isn't much pain of any sort, except late in the day my big toe or the arch of my foot gets a bit of a shooting pain that is fairly easy to ignore. I'm partially weight bearing and have no problem at all walking with about 30 lbs of pressure on the leg. Standing still I can get up to about 45 lbs before I chicken out. Not bad for one week!

Sleeping is easier, and it is soooo nice to be able to take the splint off, put on a normal pair of pants, replace the splint, then pull the pant leg over the cast! And wonder of wonders, I can go for hours without having to elevate the leg! I don't anticipate any problems at all with the flight coming up, but I won't be doing anything near the walking I had planned months ago.

Things to look forward to : carrying things from place to place...not having to lug the crutches into the car (more of a pain in the neck than anything)...not snagging the bed linens when I roll over....SLEEPING ON MY STOMACH! All of this is in the future. . .but its getting very hard to remain an invalid.

Next update. . .post Ireland!

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 Wed 11:18am 8 May 2002
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