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Amy : So close. . .2 days, 2 hours
Diary entry posted Sun 11:24am 28 April 2002

I think I'm as adapted to a cast as one could ever hope to be. I managed to garden, including getting down on the ground, then back up again using a little slope, both crutches, and a whole lot of effort. I've been working full days for a few weeks, and doing the gym 3 days a week, and not collapsing at the end of the day. I have made it to session twice, and the last time managed to stay to the very end.

Session. . .ah, that's when a bunch of Irish music types get together in a home or bar (I much prefer the bar!) and play jigs and reels, marches and waltzes and drinking songs and polkas and such, not for entertaining the other people as much as for entertaining themselves. This music/cameraderie/drink/fun has a special word: craic (pronounced 'crack')which pretty much covers the good-feeling, enjoyment, shared fun.

As much as I've moaned about having to reach for the crutches for the simplest trip to the kitchen or to take care of an animal (household has two cats (one of which just climbed into my lap in front of the laptop) and three birds who don't accept 'invalid' as a reason why they don't get their normal routine) recently I've noticed a tendancy to ALMOST get up without the crutches. . .to almost forget that there is a reason for this encumbrance on my leg. I'm hoping that that means it really is healed, and my mind and body know it. I push things around with the cast now, such as a pillow that's in the way, or a chair that is in my path. Though I'm non-weight bearing, I've put the foot down and steadied myself with it and not felt any discomfort. Or at least any discomfort more than what I've come to accept as normal.

I wonder if those people who have had non-unions or slow unions know before the checkup that they're not as far along as the OS would expect them to be. I worry that it won't have healed enough. The fears are probably common, but they're going to plague me until I hear from the doctor that all has been going well.

On another note, while I was gardening I got down on the ground, and managed to get up with one crutch, steadied myself with the broken leg, then began to fall. I made a very conscious decision to NOT put weight on the bad leg, and instead I threw down the crutch and let myself fall the short distance to the soft ground, then regrouped, used both crutches to get up, and went on my way. Last night was a bad night's sleep because of the bruise on my hip where I fell.

Quite suddenly this morning I thought about it, and how easily I could have broken that hip...the downfall of so many elderly people (which I'm NOT,. . .yet) and women with fragile bones. As much as I hate the gym, this has convinced me that I need to keep stressing my bones with weight, and providing my body with calcium, Vit D and Vit K and the other minerals necessary to keep those bones as dense as possible. I've taken Viactiv on an off, and Tums, but I'm not overly fond of dairy products, and my diet is probably still deficient. This break was a wake up call to take care of myself, because I'm not as young as I was, and my body is certainly not going to maintain itself without some work on my part.

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 Sun 11:24am 28 April 2002
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