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Amy : One week, three hours to go. . .
Diary entry posted Tue 10:35am 23 April 2002

. . .But who's counting? A week from today this purple monstrosity is coming off. Of course it's up to the OS as to what its going to be replaced with. I'm hoping for a walking cast and instructions to be fully weight bearing by 5/17!

You would think that six weeks in a cast and on crutches would be long enough to get used to the situation? Think again! Its long enough to get the strength and skill to go up the hill to the cafeteria for lunch, or to do the stairs in the house 5 times in a day without feeling that you're taking on the world. Its long enough to figure out that the thermos can be carried in a purse and save the hassles of asking someone to get my morning coffee, and its long enough to learn how to organize myself in the morning to avoid going up and down, in and out.

The skin on my toes looks like I've got some bizarre fungal disease. I'm flaky and dry and itchy. The day I got this cast on I could have sworn he made it way too tight ("Its not tight; its snug"), but now I can fit half my hand down along my woefully wasted calf, and in the morning when there is no swelling at all, I can shift the whole cast around and it feels almost roomy.

I haven't had too many cases of the itchies. I was warned not to stick anything down inside the cast to relieve an itch, and only three times in the past weeks have I even thought of doing that. The first time I had an unrelieved itch I thoughtlessly slammed the cast down on the desk top. OOPS. Since then I've learned to rap on the cast with my knuckles, though I've heard blowing cool air with a hair dryer works well too.

I don't know when I noticed that I don't usually refer to it as 'my' leg or 'my' cast. It's like my mind doesn't want to acknowledge that this purple THING really has anything to do with ME. I've also stopped explaining how it happened. "I fell. It broke. Thanks."

Twenty five days to Ireland! I won't be hiking up 'bare Ben Bulben' or climbing the stairs at the Skelligs, or such, but its still a wonderful trip, and we look forward to great craic!


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 Tue 10:35am 23 April 2002
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