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Comment : you're doing great
Posted by darcy on Fri 1:50am 19 April 2002

Though you feel like you aren't able to do anything, I was amazed by the list of tasks you can accomplish on your own. My break
1 1/2 years ago was a trimalleolar break to my ankle - flipped my ankle out sideways and broke the fibula, chipped the tibia, etc., etc. It was a pretty disgusting site, I have to tell you, to see my foot pointing the wrong direction.
I was on bedrest for a month after surgery - supposed to be on my back with my foot above my head for the month. Couldn't do it. I was in a chair a lot of the time with my foot raised. Thank God I had recently quit my job to stay home with my child so I didn't have to worry about a job. I also had a mother who lived close who could come during the week so my husband didn't have to deal with everything. I didn't feel stable enough for crutches for 3 weeks so I had to use a walker.
I won't go on and on about all the things I couldn't do, and how long it has taken to get back to some semblance of normality, but I'm amazed by your accomplishments. It's hard to stay focused on the good things when you have nothing to do but stare at the wall, but you've moved forward quite a bit in a short time.

Best of luck to you. You're 1/2 way to Ireland.

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 Fri 1:50am 19 April 2002
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