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Amy : Week Four - I'm BORED
Diary entry posted Tue 3:38pm 9 April 2002

I'm now able to spend a good portion of the day out and about, as long as I get the foot up when I sit down. Last week I tried for 6 hour days at work, but it was a bit too much. This week 6 hours is quite do-able.

But life seems to have been reduced to mere existence in one of four locations: work chair with the foot up on the desk; recliner with foot up on wedge pillow, kitchen table with foot up on another chair, or bed with foot up on pillow.

I'm tired of sitting. I'm tired of trying to organize my life around these four locations and the few things you can DO in those locations. I want to be able to move freely! Having a broken leg is like seeing a banquet through a store window...enjoy looking all you want, but you can't get from here to there, so stop thinking about it.

To keep my body from going to utter wrack and ruin, I joined the gym, and hobble on crutches from machine to machine. Communing with Nautilus equipment is not a fair exchange for getting on a horse and riding, or taking a stroll around the block to see your neighbors, or carrying a load of books upstairs. I have to admit that I'm able to get around quite a bit now, sometimes quite rapidly, and think that I can probably do a castle tour, and Ireland in 38 days is still appealing. They say that Guinness fixes a world of woes!

We went out to eat this weekend and celebrated the halfway point of this cast. The toast was 'three up. . .three to go!' and the meal was spectacular. Its times like these when you don't really need an excuse to go out and have a good time. The pleasure is in the going and being normal.

For those interested, dinner started with a shaved zucchini and red onion salad in a radicchio cup with a lemon vinagrette, mesclun greens and capers, followed by sautÚd soft-shelled crab on a bed of rosemary potatoes and grilled asparagus, ending with a dish of berries and bananas in mascarpone, baked until the cheese browned. Absolute heaven!

I'm stronger on the stairs now, and usually use both crutches and no railing except for the first to second floor stairs in the house first thing in the morning. Other than that, when I put both crutches on one side and use the bannister going down, I get around competently, and don't tire as easily anymore. I may be able to get out and do a bit of gardening soon!

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 Tue 3:38pm 9 April 2002
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