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Comment : Re: How on earth
Posted by amy on Wed 8:11am 3 April 2002

Natalie, I have a left leg break, I'm nearly a week ahead of you in healing, an automatic transmission, and during the peak of rush hour, a ten minute commute to a handicap friendly office.
I'm probably pretty unusual as to my getting back to work as quickly as I did. Five days after surgery I started putting in two hours at my desk, and after that I was truly exhausted. I'm up to six hours a day now, but today I would have been happy to call in sick, as last night was pretty crappy for me.
Probably another factor in my speedy return to work is my husband who has unflaggingly taken over 90% of my daily tasks, including cooking (he always did 50%, now he's doing 90% of it), cleaning and my laundry. Being a nurse, he really understands the healing process and doesn't push me to do more than I should. I can't imagine how the people with young families cope!
In general, I push myself to do something every day. It started with doing two sets of stairs daily, then three, and so on. I insisted on going out for lunch on my first weekend home, or shopping, or visiting our parents, and got used to not having my leg as high as usual for an hour.
But I'll tell you, when I move into my chair or bed in the evening, its like I'm planted there. Don't ask me to get up! I go to bed by 8 pm, and I still take Percocet before I go to sleep, and Ibuprofen, 600mg, twice a day.
I believe that I'm on one end of a healing spectrum, but its important for people who visit this site to KNOW that some people will be very disabled, and some may get back to daily tasks more quickly. We're all doing this at our own pace, and your body will let you know when you can push a little more!

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 Wed 8:11am 3 April 2002
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