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Comment : Re: Re: what kind of horse is fred?
Posted by rick_rnr on Wed 8:02am 3 April 2002

hi, hows the leg today? i had to ask my daughter what a 5 gaited-saddlebred was. she new right away and said it is a very very good horse. i would never discourage her from her horses. she has loved horses since she was about 4 or 5. i am always concernd about safety. i trust my daughters(karen) judgement 110%. i just wanted her to see that you can get hurt if you are not careful. one thing that i did teach her is not to ride alone. my son who races motocross, was taught that from the very begining, you never ride alone. karen was always with us and picked up on it from him riding and practicing. her horses are not here right now because we do not have all the fence up so we can bring them home. she go's to see them as offten as she can. she loves her horses so much, she said she would live in the barn with them if i would let her. i am not sure what kind of boots are the proper ones for riding. she has roppers that she use's now. what is the right kind of boot? she has a riding helmet that she wears when she go's out, but other than that, it's jeans and a t-shirt. i wanted her to wear her brothers shoulder pads but she said no. do they make protective gear for riding horses?
send me an e-mail address and i'll send you some pics of her horses. till then, happy healing and hope all is well.

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 Wed 8:02am 3 April 2002
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