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Comment : Re: Welcome!
Posted by Hilary on Mon 2:38pm 23 May 2005

Ditto what Annie said. I broke my leg just over six weeks ago in a car accident. The first couple of weeks are the hardest. The pain meds kept me sane for those couple of weeks. I don't know your situation but if you have a neighbor or friend who could check in on him halfway through the day that would help. My mother in law stayed with me for the first two weeks because I was so unsteady on the crutches. You might also think about renting all those guy movies he's been wanting to watch but hasn't. And in the hope department, I returned to work half days two weeks after the accident and full days a month after the accident. But again, work depends on what he does and how he feels. You might be able to get temporary disability pay for those months he's out. Good luck! --Hilary

  • Welcome! - Annie Mon 23 May 2005
    • Re: Welcome! - Hilary Mon 23 May 2005

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 Mon 2:38pm 23 May 2005
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