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Comment : The Poem (I thought you might enjoy it)
Posted by Joann Marvin on Tue 12:12pm 19 July 2005

On May the fourth in Two Thousand Five
My devoted Husbandís health took a Sudden Dive!
Two split compression fractures of the Right Tibia Plateau
Caused everyone in the household a lot of Woe!

Dr. Anderson said Surgery to do a Bone Graft, a Plate, & 6 Screws was required
Up to 12 weeks of no weight bearing and lots of physical therapy when we inquired!
So at home he sits lamenting his fall from the Ladder
Moaning & Groaning & getting all the Madder

While Michael mows our Grass
When he gets done at class
Off to the dump goes Lisa with the Trash
Both of them doing things Larry did Pre-Crash!

Makaila still cute as a button, not understanding why Papi canít do things he used to do!
Just wants to play, be hugged, and pursued!
Chase Me! Pick Me Up! Carry Me!
I donít know you have broken your knee!

His Job at Crews Chemicals Awaits his Return
Tammie, Phyllis, Scott, & Tom have all voiced their Concern
They want him back well and 100 Percent
Anything less is without their consent!

As far as I, his ever faithful and worrisome wife
I said I do for the rest of my life and despite this current strife
I know when heís well & weíre over this spell
Off we will go to Anastasia State Park
To camp and to cuddle by the beach in the dark.

My name is Larry. I'm broken, you see.
I fell from a ladder and broke my knee.
Down, down, down, I went hitting the floor.
Now I'm sitting, and sitting, and sitting some more.

My cousin in Florida is concerned as can be.
She's praying, and emailing, and thinking of me.
One day I'll be up and around on my knee
But for now I'll do what the doctor says and take it easy.

My sister too, she was freaked out.
That she would come help, there was no doubt.
I didn't want much, I was feeling crappy,
So she played with Makaila, at least THEY were happy!

Even my florist got in on the act
She sent me a plant as a matter of fact
Wished me well and said get better fast
Only I know this is a pain in the @#$!

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 Tue 12:12pm 19 July 2005
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