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Comment : I've Been There!
Posted by Eileen on Sun 9:07pm 26 June 2005

On March 6, 2005 I fell & had a trimalleolar ankle fractureon & a dislocated foot. 3 months after surgery I'm walking at times without my cane but still have considerable pain. There have been several scares along the way but so far everything is healing fine & the hardware is intact.

Rehabilitation will continue for many more months. This type of fracture is an extremely severe injury & the body needs time to heal. Even after the x-rays show the bones are healed much more time needs to pass before
the body & brain remembers how to walk. Bone pain is the worst!

Your husband needs to know that it does get better. Walking without my cane is a milestone. Probably the hardest thing to understand is that activities that were taken for granted now are as hard as climbing the biggest mountain. Feeling tired after walking a few feet is to be expected but the more you do the easier it gets.

My doctor said that I have at least 12 months before I will be almost healed. Hard to believe! My physical therapist said I would feel much better at 4 months. Can't say I'm not looking forward to that.

My husband has been very supportive & is happy to see me on my feet. It's really hard on the spouse because they feel the pain almost as much. I know my husband was frustrated by my injury but knows that we've made it through the hardest part & know it can only get better.

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 Sun 9:07pm 26 June 2005
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