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Amber : my broken husband :( ..from a loved ones point of view
Diary entry posted Sun 6:58am 22 May 2005

Recently my dh (devoted husband) was on a 4 wheeling trip with a few friends for the weekend when I recieved a phone call that Brian was on his way to the hospital ,his leg was probaly broken. At first I was sort of in shock I didnt really know what to think. ironically he didnt break it 4 wheeling it broke when his friend tackled him when they were playing football.When I arrived at the hospital Brian was on dilaudid for pain and the attending physician said he would be admitted and have to have surgery on his leg.
Hospital day one ...loads of pain meds met with the orthopedic surgeon, broken tib,fib spiral break, needs a whole set of hardware titanium rod,screws plate the whole 9 yards!!!
Surgery scheduled for tommorow,and the reality of this is really starting to hit me hard.
Surgery day.. Surgery started at 7;00 Am lasted about 4 hours.Met dh back in his room he was pretty drugged at this time so decided to let him sleep.
Hospital day 3..My worries and the reality of this is really started to set in- no work for 3-4 months possibly oh no the biggest fear I have ever had is starting to become a reality,How am I going to pay the bills?
After one week in the hospital Dh is home crutching around In a whole lot of pain,I changed his dressing and couldnt believe the amount of staples in his leg there has to be about 30 of them I have to ask for a wheelchair possibly because I have to work and cant he there to help him if he needs something from the kitchen etc hes nwb for 6 weeks.I schedule an appt tommorow with the os for a boot tommorow....the saga continues

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 Sun 6:58am 22 May 2005
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