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Amanda_L : Tib/Fib Fx w/HW Right Leg 1-9-09
Diary entry posted Fri 11:35am 20 February 2009

I slipped on ice...not even a fun story! I am in good shape, young and had never broken a bone in my life. It wasnt hard to tell what happened by the extremely loud CRACK, followed by the abnormal jagged BONE popping nearly through the skin of my right leg. I instantly went into shock and dont remember a lot of pain directly associated with the break at first. It wasnt until I LOOKED at it, that I felt pain, but it was as though I was looking at myself from a distance..again, a factor of shock. My leg was literally in pieces below my knee and dangling like a limp appendage. And wait!! What the?? Oh, my foot is now pointed directly backwards & to the right from my knee...good for circle dancing, but not much else!! Luckily I was with two other people who helped me hobble inside to wait for the EMT's to arrive. My companions were kind enough to take pictures of my leg at the scene (gross!) and the ice patch too (we were working). Unlucky for me, I was in the country and the EMT's were volunteers and didn't carry morphine or other drugs on board. So they loaded me into the ambulance, tried to convince me that the very straight leg brace would really fit onto my very not straight leg. (I won, it didnt work). So I braced my own leg with my arms while the ambulance cruised down the bumpy dirt roads to meet up with the EMT's who had meds. We pulled into a parking lot so they could pump me full of morphine, and then (low and behold) we got stuck in the snow filled parking lot!! With a lot of rocking, we got freed and were on our way to the hospital. Thankfully by this time, the meds were kicking in and my leg was braced with a pillow and tape. The ambulance ride was horrible and painful and an experience I dont ever want to relive!! An hour + after calling 911, I was finally to the hospital and content on morphine. The EMT's told me repeatedly "This is a bad one", thanks guys!! So when the xrays were ordered, I was well prepared for the worst. Which came true shortly later, when they said it was broken in multiple places and I would be headed for surgery right away. This day is not going as planned so far.

They cut my favorite pants off, slapped a hospital gown on me, threw a hair cap on me and gave me a couple minutes to kiss my husband and figure things out! Then, off I went to the surgery room where they said I would get an epidural - WHAT?? Am I having a baby here?? What is going on?? Now I am more freaked out about the epidural than I am the surgery... turns out I barely remember the epidural and I don't remember any pain associated with it. Then the lights went out.

I woke up 3 hours later with lots of hardware in my leg and lots of healing ahead. I fractured my tib fib in 6 places, had a couple of floater bones in there and came out with 17 screws and 2 rods holding it all together. That was my Friday.

The rest of that day is a blur. The next day is also a blur. I know people came to see me, but I couldn't remember everyone. I didn't eat, just took pain meds, blood thinners, constipation meds and whatever else they thought I needed. The EMTS, Docs, nurses and staff were all fantastic!! My husband never left my side, even slept in the hospital with me. They told me that the next day I would walk stairs. Yeah Right!! (turns out they were not lying) I had a catheter, so luckily I didnt have to get out of bed for anything for 2 days. Moving was painful, my butt hurt, everything hurt but my leg!! My toes were a nasty color purple.

Sunday rolled around and now I was getting ancy. I wanted a shower, wanted outta the hospital and back to normal. Ha! The PT came and said (cheerfully) "Time for stairs!" She was clearly more excited about this than I was. So for the first time in 2 days I stood. Whew. Dizzy. Lightheaded. Tired. But determined to win over this cheerful PT lady, I did the stairs. And I lived to tell about it. Who had to tell this woman we had stairs in the house in the first place??? It was hard and it hurt, but I did it. Whew. Tomorrow, I was told I could go home. I got the cath out today too.

Monday - I get to go home!!! But first, that chipper, cheery PT lady comes back to make me do stairs, again!!! She didnt seem to care that I already passed this test... so I did it again. I got shiny new crutches (all for me!) today too. Off I go to home, set up with crutches, percocet and blood thinners.

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 Fri 11:35am 20 February 2009
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