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Comment : Re: Coincidence?
Posted by laurie on Wed 2:37pm 12 May 2004

at least i know i am not alone.. after reading both of your posts. guys i too broke the fibula bone going up a hill sideways, i was out taking the dogs for a walk and wearing flip flops. Yes, we do learn our leasons the hard way.
See, the day before I had injured the foot( same foot)as i had just moved into an apt.and was trying to get a big tub of jeans up on the top shelf above my head.
so when that came back down on the top of my foot, i believe that started everything.
the 1st xray that was taken of the foot showed nothing so they told me it was a
sprain. and i continued to walk on it.
after the leg gave out on me ( of course its my right leg, so i cant drive or walk right now)
i went back and was sent for a bone scan which showed a "hot spot on the outer side of my ankle which was extremely tender and swollen.
was sent to ortho #1 & he told me without doing another xray that the fibula was fractured and put me in a little soft bootie and stay off your foot for 8 weeks, which is totally impossible, as i am a single mom
anyway, there was a slight disagreement with the way that things were being handled and i was told that he couldnt help me any longer !
excuse me....its my foot & i know what is hurting and not..... sigh..
so ortho # 2 ... couldnt get me into a walking cast cause the bootie had my foot bent @ a 30 degree angle and needed to get to a 90 degree angle so foot would sit right but was totally impossible.. ankle froze.. so they put me in a big boot thing and i have been able to get to the 90degree mark after 2 weeks and a lot of laying with my foot up in the air. boring
swellings getting better, bruise is still on my leg. not sure if 1 or 2 bones broke. hurts .. it throbs.....
still can not walk on it still though
so doing the bunny hop..
hate the crutches. keep falling.
the boot is so dang big it gets in the way & i am not known for my gracefullness anyway.....
well i feel better
hope everyone is up & walking soon.
myself included.
and glad I am not iN a HARD CAST !
it would kill me not to be able to take a bath.
how do you deal with the day to day setting ??
its driving me crazy
drs visit this coming monday.
so ...will see.
glad to find this post.
i feel better venting :)

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 Wed 2:37pm 12 May 2004
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