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Comment : Re: October 2006
Posted by Barb on Wed 12:29pm 1 November 2006

Hi Alison
Wow, you've really had a rough go. My son Ryan went through 2 nonunions & 6 surgeries. He's over 26 months now since his accident.His last surgery in March, he had his IM nail & screws removed, an osteotomy, a bone graft & a plate & 11 screws put in. The Ilazarov was his last chance, but luckily for him everthing is healing up,,slowly, but healing. Is the OS going to do a bone graft? It's amazing how much it can fill up the break. Ryan had a huge gap at the back of his femur, that they packed with the bone graft.Worked for him.
The surgery for Ryan was pretty awful. Mostly due to the fact he's allergic to morphine. Nothing else really works for him. He ended up back in the OR & getting a nerve block put in.
Anyways it's been over 7 months & he's doing really well. Walking on his own, very little limp anymore.
Hang in there, it will get better

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 Wed 12:29pm 1 November 2006
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